At FL Aviation Center, we are just as passionate about safety as we are about aviation. Our aircraft are maintained to the highest standards of excellence.  Pricing is for the aircraft rental, which includes the cost of fuel. All flight instruction is billed at $75 per hour. 

1978 Piper Archer

Registration: N3155S

Cruise Speed: 125 kts

Range: 565 nm

Hourly Rate: $164.00

N3155S joins the fleet with 180hp and two Garmin G5 units!

1974 Piper Warrior

Registration: N153SM

Cruise Speed: 108kts

Range: 590 nm

Hourly Rate: $164.00

A member of the PA-28 family, N153SM comes complete with a new upgraded 160hp Lycoming engine conversion, new prop, new leather interior, and Garmin 430 with WAAS.

1977 Piper Warrior

Registration: N4593F

Cruise Speed: 108kts

Range: 590 nm

Hourly Rate: $164.00

Nicknamed “Bumblebee,” N4593F is the newest addition to our fleet.

1977 Cessna 152

Registration: N714VG

Cruise Speed: 107 kts

Range: 414 nm

Hourly Rate: $145.00

The Cessna 152 is an unpressurized, two-seat, single-engine, high-wing aircraft. It was introduced in 1977 and is powered by a Lycoming O-235-L2C flat-4 engine producing 115 horsepower. The 152 is popular with flight training organizations and is also widely operated by private individuals.

1966 Piper Cherokee 140

Registration: N4639R

Cruise Speed: 105 kts

Hourly Rate: $164.00

This beautifully maintained Cherokee sports two Garmin G5s, a Garmin 430, a two-axis auto-pilot, and ADS-B out capabilities.

2016 Redbird MCX

Registration: MCX072

Rental Rate: $80.00/hour

Subscription Rate: $59/month + $10.00/hour

The Redbird MCX full-motion flight simulator includes a dual, control-loading yoke system and dual rudder pedals for realistic control feedback in addition to simultaneous pilot and copilot control. Full dual controls allow an instructor, instructor-in-training, or co-pilot to perform maneuvers from the right seat. During initial pilot training, an instructor can demonstrate maneuvers from the right seat before the student tries their hand, just like you would do in the real airplane. For advanced training, the MCX provides a platform where crew training can be perfected.

Configurations offered include Cessna 172 steam gauges with a Garmin 430, Cessna 172 G1000 glass panel, and Piper Arrow with Garmin 430.