Instrument Rating

An instrument rating is an exciting, demanding, and rewarding addition to your current certificate. Through this training, you’ll find yourself becoming a more precise and professional airman. While this training program is shorter that your initial pilot’s license, it will still demand a significant amount of home study and overall focus. Each student will differ in reaching these demands, and we will ensure that all students reach their goals as quickly and as economically as possible.

Flight training will be conducted following the Jeppesen Instrument/Commercial kit outline and syllabus. Each student will be paired with an instructor based on the student’s scheduling demands. We recommend at least one lesson per week, in order to keep your long range costs at a minimum.

The FAA requires that applicants for the instrument rating have completed 50hrs of cross country flight time as well as 40 hours of actual or simulated instrument time. While some students may have already met these requirements, others will need more than the minimum cost outlined below. Costs will be adjusted for students who have more time than the base Private Pilot minimums.

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