Professional Pilot Program

Our Professional Pilot program will train you for the Private, Instrument, and Commercial pilot’s licenses.  To achieve this goal, you will fly daily, Monday through Friday, for seven months. Between flights, you will participate in online guided learning sessions, instructor-led group classes, one-on-one study with ground instructors, and one-on-one practice flights in our Redbird full motion flight simulator.

What Happens Next?

Once you have obtained your Commercial License, the sky’s the limit! With your Commercial License, you might carry skydivers, tow gliders, work a pipeline patrol, fly for a corporate or charter operator, give scenic tours, monitor environmental situations, do aerial photography, continue to a career in law enforcement, or any other of dozens of flying jobs-even the airlines!

Stay for our Flight-Instructor add-on, and you will be guaranteed an interview for a teaching position at Fl Aviation Center.

How Much Does It Cost?

The Professional Pilot program costs $54,000, and includes all items listed to the right. Optional or additional items are charged as follows:

CFI & CFII Add-on $10,000
Additional Flight Hours $125/hr
Additional Instruction $50/hr
Upgrade to 4-place aircraft $25/hr

Our program is unique because we provided on-demand ground instruction (up to 150 hours) and Redbird full motion flight simulator practice (up to 75 hours) at no charge.

Why FL Aviation Center?


At FL Aviation Center, we are just as passionate about safety as we are about aviation. Our aircraft are maintained to the highest standards of excellence. All of our instructors have many years of experience in aviation, and include career instructors, airline pilots, law enforcement pilots, and corporate pilots.


Fl Aviation Center is located at the Tallahassee International Airport. Our airport is unique in Florida because it provides big-city training opportunities without big-city air traffic congestion. Like the rest of Florida, Tallahassee has excellent flying conditions year-round. However, Tallahassee offers Class C airspace services without the overcrowding of central Florida airspace.

Tallahassee also has much to offer when you are not flying, as well. (add links to Experience Tallahassee) The state capital, and home to two major universities, Tallahassee has a diverse population with activities for everyone. And the beach is always just a short drive away!

Item Qty
Primary Trainer 216
Advanced Trainer 15
Flight Instructor 65
FAA Test fees 3
Uniforms 5
Charts 9
Checkrides 3
Checkride Aircraft 6
Security Badge 1
Books & Supplies 1