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To lead uncompromising pursuit of excellence through respect, enthusiasm, and exceptional flight training

FL Aviation Center is built on an
uncompromising pursuit of excellence.

This pursuit guides all of our actions companywide. Whether it is maintenance on our aircraft or
teaching precision landings our staff works diligently toward that goal every day.


Students at FL Aviation Center will receive individualized training toward their goals. Flight Training is
not a one size fits all endeavor, each person has unique goals and challenges that shape the training.
Our instructors teach for excellence not to just pass a test.


FL Aviation Center’s Chief Pilot Terry McCaffrey brings his wealth of experience to us from his time in
the USAF as a pilot and instructor. His guidance and mentorship ensure high quality training and
attention to detail for all students.


We look forward to welcoming you to one of our programs!

Terry McCaffrey


Terry McCaffrey arrived in Tallahassee about 10 years ago as the Air Force ROTC Commander at Florida State University. He was born on an Air Force base and grew up in southern California with a dream to fly. Terry attended the US Air Force Academy where we soloed his first aircraft, a Schweizer SGS 2-33 Glider. Upon graduation, he went on to Air Force pilot training and then flew operational tours in the F-111 Aardvark, the AT-38B Talon, the F-15C Eagle and was original cadre bringing the T-6A Texan II into the Air Force. He has also flown the C-152 / 172, Citabria, Baron, T-37, T-38, and the F-16.

He earned his Commercial ME,SE and Instrument ratings in 1989. During his Air Force career, he was a flight and ground instructor and flight evaluator in multi and single engine instrument aircraft. After leading the T-6A program in 2005-2006, Terry left the cockpit full time and completed several senior staff positions, but recently got the bug to return to flying. He completed his requalification flying at FL Aviation Center and recently transitioned his military experience into his CFI, ME, SE, Instrument ratings.

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