In seeking your Commercial License you are preparing for an incredible accomplishment and career, and that means you’ll want to be absolutely certain that FL Aviation Center will set you up for success.


You will need to timebuild after earning your license if you plan to fly corporate, airlines, or other job with a minimum hour requirement. Surely, you’ll want to stay for our CFI add on and enjoy the privilege of a guaranteed job interview upon completion.

The Commercial Pilot’s License continues to build on your skills and refine your professionalism in the air. You will learn more advanced maneuvers, face more complex flight planning scenarios, as well as upgrade to our technically advanced aircraft. While this rating requires 250 hours of total time, you can accomplish up to 50 hours of this time in our Redbird full motion flight simulator, which helps to keep the cost of this rating as low as possible.

Once you have obtained your commercial license, the sky’s the limit! You might carry skydivers, tow gliders, work a pipeline patrol, fly for a corporate or charter operator, give scenic tours, monitor environmental situations, do aerial photography, continue to a career in law enforcement, or any other of dozens of flying jobs—even the airlines!

Stay for our Flight-Instructor add-on, and you will be guaranteed an interview for a teaching position at FL Aviation Center. For certain aviation careers, you may have a flight hour requirement - become a flight instructor to get paid while you build time!

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss in detail how we can best help you achieve your goals. Call us to make an appointment to come in and meet with one of our training coordinators, or submit your application to reserve our next available training course today!

Commercial License

Ready to take your Commercial Pilot FAA written exam?

Before you take your checkride, you'll have to pass a written exam which can be taken at our testing center. Learn how to schedule here.

It's always a good idea to pass your written exam sooner rather than later, and many students opt to take their exam before they start flight training.

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  • Regularly updated, actual and realistic FAA questions 

  • Explanations for every question. Detailed, illustrated, and intelligent. Written by professional pilots, instructors, and examiners and fully compatible with official FAA regulations and guidance and Airman Certification Standards. 

  • Polished user interface for fast and effective learning. Plenty of study and learning modes, including infinite practice tests.

  • Free lifetime updates means that you can use it to pass the test now and as a lifetime refresher later.


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