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We akin flying to an investment. Like buying a house that will appreciate over time, starting a business, or setting aside money to a college fund, you are investing in your child’s education and setting them up for a successful career and opportunity. We know you only want the best for your child.


Studying and training daily or weekly can be taxing for a student pilot, and they need your support in order to be successful. We understand that your support must be earned, and that its up to us to make you feel comfortable with your child training with us. We’re not here to quickly sign your child up for a flight training program. Instead, we hear your questions and concerns so that you feel excited and confident in choosing us. And they can begin with your support.



Safe Weather & Safe Location


We have strict weather and flight training practice area minimums. In plain English, students are not allowed to fly in any weather conditions beyond their level of training. They also have a designated practice area in the sky where they will perfect their flight skills in the air.


Our airport is unique in Florida because it provides big-city training opportunities without big-city air traffic congestion. Like the rest of Florida, Tallahassee has excellent flying conditions year-round and our Class C airspace is perfect for training without the overcrowding of central Florida airspace.

Safety is Our Main Concern


Safety is our main priority and your young adult is in good hands. Many of our students' parents didn't learn to fly, and naturally have some concerns! We completely understand, and we welcome any questions! Feel free to call us or come visit so we can have a one on one chat to assuage all of your worries. 

While flying can seem like a dangerous activity to those who are unfamiliar, it is actually the safest form of transportation next to trains! Aviation is a leading industry for safety worldwide, and we take extra precautions when it comes to our students, and your kiddos!

Not only do we have up-to-date technology and regularly perform preventative maintentance, our fleet is in superb condition. We continue to pass all FAA inspections, as any flight school should.




We Ensure Our Students are Prepared


Before soloing, a student must:

  • Be able to take-off, fly, and land without his or her instructor manipulating any controls

  • Consistently have safe, smooth landings 

  • Have at least 20 flight hours

  • Receive an endorsement from an FAA certified flight instructor

  • Pass a "stage-check" from a second FAA certified flight instructor

  • Pass our own FLAV written exam

  • Exhibit sound aeronautical decision making skills