Instrument Rating

Student pilots are a different breed of students. We all enjoy learning about aviation, applying our knowledge in the aircraft, and working hard to maintain safety. So, you’ll want to increase your knowledge and safety by earning your Instrument Rating, won’t you?

After earning your private pilots license, the next step is to earn your Instrument Rating to make you a safer, more skillful pilot able to handle more in-flight circumstances that may arise. Furthermore, if you plan to get paid for flying in the future, you’ll want to earn your Instrument Rating in your pursuit of your Commercial License. This will alleviate restrictions that you would have without an instrument rating, and will make you a safer pilot. 

The Instrument Pilot Course is designed to teach pilots to operate aircraft in low-visibility environments, such as heavy cloud cover or mist and rain. The flight lessons in this course provide pilots with the knowledge to rely solely on instruments to navigate the aircraft in situations where they cannot rely on visual instincts.

As many pilots can attest, weather conditions do not always permit the sole reliance on visual flying tactics. This restricts the ability to fly on certain days. The Instrument Rating is essential for any pilot looking to improve flight safety. It is also the next step in the pursuit of a career in flying. Pilots without the rating are prevented from operating aircraft in certain weather conditions where visibility is greatly reduced.

Holding an Instrument Rating also allows pilots the ability to operate under an IFR flight plan, which provides Air Traffic Control services not always available to VFR pilots. These include traffic advisories, airspace, transitions, and vectors. When operating in high-volume airspace, these privileges are a significant advantage.  Our instrument course is designed to increase your weather knowledge and flying skills.  The use of the full motion Redbird flight simulator allows us to set specific weather conditions for the flight and utilize different approaches than just the ones locally available.

Our fast-paced training course, which can be conducted under Part 61 or Part 141, will include time in our full motion flight simulator as well as in the aircraft. In our Full-Motion Redbird flight simulator, you can control the weather conditions precisely, and rehearse scenarios ahead of time to get the most benefit from your training in the aircraft.

Not looking for an accelerated program? No problem. Feel free to fly with us 1 to 3 times per week to become an instrument pilot at your own pace!

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss in detail how we can best help you achieve your goals. Call us to make an appointment to come in and meet with one of our training coordinators, or submit your application to reserve our next available training course today!

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