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Multi Engine Rating

A Multi Engine Rating is an add-on pilot rating that certifies you to fly an aircraft

with more than one engine. Your Multi Engine Rating is especially exciting

because you can learn to fly aircraft with greater performance in its speed,

climb, & more.


Why Should YOU Get Your Multi Engine Rating?


  • Career advancement —  This rating is often a prerequisite for commercial airline jobs.

  • Qualification to fly heavier, faster aircraft with increased performance. Multi engine aircraft often have a higher
    available payload to carry passengers or cargo.

  • Increased safety —  Further your experience and understanding, plus two engines are usually safer than one.

  • Greater skills —  Learn to fly a complex aircraft and understand multi engine aerodynamics, rules, and procedures. 

What are the prerequisites?


We offer a Multi Engine Rating add-on which means that you must first hold a pilot license for single-engine aircraft. If you do not yet have your private pilot license, contact us. To get started, you must have a current FAA medical and proof of citizenship or TSA approval. 

Choose a school

When you choose a flight school, take into account the total cost, quality of training, and resources available. To complete your training as efficiently as possible, you will likely set aside 2-3 weeks to focus solely on your Multi Engine Rating. You can expect to spend 10-15 flight hours to earn your Multi-engine, and the time it takes to earn your rating is entirely based on your performance, knowledge, and dedication. 

If you want to ask us questions about staying with us in sunny Tallahassee Florida for any or all of your licenses/ratings, email or call us.

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