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Commercial License

In seeking your Commercial License you are preparing for an incredible accomplishment and career, and that means you’ll want to be absolutely certain that FL Aviation Center will set you up for success.

You'll need your private and potentially your instrument rating before earning your Commercial License. You’ll feel relieved to know that we have a Professional Program that includes all of these licenses for your convenience.

The Commercial Pilot’s License continues to build on your skills and refine your professionalism in the air. You will learn more advanced maneuvers, face more complex flight planning scenarios, as well as upgrade to our technically advanced aircraft. While this rating requires 250 hours of total time, you can accomplish up to 50 hours of this time in our Redbird full motion flight simulator, which helps to keep the cost of this rating as low as possible.

Once you have obtained your commercial license, the sky’s the limit! You might carry skydivers, tow gliders, work a pipeline patrol, fly for a corporate or charter operator, give scenic tours, monitor environmental situations, do aerial photography, continue to a career in law enforcement, or any other of dozens of flying jobs—even the airlines!

Will you get a return on investment? Download PDF here.

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Learning to fly is like any other investment. You may buy a house in a growing market, have taken a job or course to prepare you for the next step in your career, or earn a pilot’s license; each of these will help you create a future that is better than yesterday. You can look at flying the exact same way. If you’re flying for pleasure, you’ll find that learning to fly enhances your communication, critical thinking, and confidence. If you will fly professionally, then this opportunity will enhance your skillset, competitiveness, and eligibility for your career. Regardless, you are investing in a better you.

Flight training scholarships are a great method to pay for flight training. AOPA, EAA, and WAI are among organizations that offer the most scholarships, and new scholarships pop up all the time – so search frequently, and apply often. 





​You can also obtain a personal loan for your flight training, either through your own bank, or through a bank that specializes in flight training loans. Several options include:

AOPA Finance

Pilot Finance



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