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Certified Flight Instructor

The FAA has no minimum requirement for applying for your flight instructor certificate beyond that required for your commercial license, but the CFI rating is designed to take you from your commercial license to becoming a certified flight instructor. Besides being an extremely rewarding experience, flight instructing allows you to build your hours and get paid for it!

Applicants interested in pursuing a flight instructor rating will meet with one of our senior flight instructors to tailor a program to your experience and goals. Our CFIs have a wealth of knowledge and experience from careers in corporate, military, and airline aviation, they take great pride in helping to mentor and guide the newest generation of flight instructors to the highest standards in safety and excellence.

For certain aviation careers such as working for the airlines, you may have a flight hour requirement - become a flight instructor to get paid while you build time!

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss in detail how we can best help you achieve your goals. Call us to make an appointment to come in and meet with one of our training coordinators, and to reserve our next available training course today!


Certified Flight Instructor

Affordable Flight Training 


Learning to fly is like any other investment. You may buy a house in a growing market, have taken a job or course to prepare you for the next step in your career, or earn a pilot’s license; each of these will help you create a future that is better than yesterday. You can look at flying the exact same way. If you’re flying for pleasure, you’ll find that learning to fly enhances your communication, critical thinking, and confidence. If you will fly professionally, then this opportunity will enhance your skillset, competitiveness, and eligibility for your career. Regardless, you are investing in a better you.

Flight training scholarships are a great method to pay for flight training. AOPA, EAA, and WAI are among organizations that offer the most scholarships, and new scholarships pop up all the time – so search frequently, and apply often. 





​You can also obtain a personal loan for your flight training, either through your own bank, or through a bank that specializes in flight training loans. Several options include:

AOPA Finance

Pilot Finance



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