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Train Above the Clouds

If you have aspirations of flying recreationally or professionally, then you have come to the right place.

Our Training Programs

Learn about our different training programs!

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A discovery flight is an introduction to the exciting and rewarding world of aviation for you. Buckle into the pilot’s seat and get ready for a life-changing adventure.

If you are looking to fly as a cool hobby & to travel on your own time, the private pilot’s license is for you! To earn money while flying, you’ll need a commercial license.

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Commercial Pilot.png

Obtaining your commercial pilot’s license will enable you to get paid for flying! Become a corporate pilot, cargo pilot, fly for an airline, anything you’d like.

​Become a certified flight instructor to build the required hours required for your career (1500 hours for the airlines). If you love educating others or if you want to time build as an instructor, this rating is for you.

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Our newest addition to the fleet is a Baron 58. Experience in this aircraft will give you a greater understanding of real-world flying due to its high payload and performance. This is the next step for you if you want increased safety, skills, and qualifications.

Earn your instrument rating to be able to fly through clouds and hazy (IFR) conditions! Becoming an instrument pilot will not only make you a safer, more knowledgable pilot, but also allow you to fly in non-visual conditions.

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Our Fleet

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