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Your Benefits Using the Redbird Flight Simulator

We know that aviation is an expensive hobby and career, and if you love aviation you know it's worth it. If we can make training affordable and easily accessible, we’ve done our job! You can use the redbird anytime at a fraction of the cost of airplane rental… $60/hour!

Full-motion Redbird Flight Simulator includes a dual, control-loading yoke system and dual rudder pedals for realistic control feedback in addition to simultaneous pilot and copilot control.

Practice flying in one of our available configurations:

Baron 58

Cessna 172 with steam gauges and Garmin 430

Cessna 172 with G1000

Piper Arrow with Garmin 430

Set the VFR/IFR conditions, wind direction and velocity, and airport of your choice… practice private pilot skills, earn instrument rating/currency, learn how to fly multiengine. The possibilities are endless.

PPL: Maneuvers, Navigation, Emergencies

Our full motion Redbird simulator is an incredible tool for the student and private pilot.

Working on your private pilots license? Use the cost-effective, full motion simulator to practice procedures for a slow flight, on/off stalls, emergencies, etc. practice your engine failure procedures or experience the effects of coordination versus un-coordination in a stall. The simulator can be a great resource for further understanding of aerodynamics in flight such as practicing correcting for wind or learning how to do a slip on final. Better yet, simulate a cross country before hopping in the plane to practice navigating via GPS and VOR, tuning to correct frequencies, and finding obvious VFR checkpoints like the coast!

Practicing your skills in the simulator with an instructor or even on your own will make your flight lessons easier and well-worth every minute because you’ll be well prepared. You can even count 2.5 hours in the simulator towards your PPL! 2.5 down, 37.5 to go!

As our CFI Andy always says, “If you can fly the sim, you can sure as heck fly the airplane.”

Instrument: Training

Learning to fly via solely the instruments can be a challenge. The Redbird flight simulator is your best friend when it comes to developing your instrument scan, the fundamental skill of instrument flying.

You can control the weather conditions precisely and rehearse scenarios ahead of time to get the most benefit from your training in the aircraft.

Learning to brief an instrument approach, set up the instruments properly, talk to ATC, and maintain or intentionally change heading and altitude WHILE FLYING can be extremely overwhelming. You’ll be able to learn, understand, and apply new concepts and procedures when your workload is manageable.

The sim provides a calm environment where you can pause any time (a feature that is super helpful when you need to take a minute to figure out a hold entry, guilty). You can literally turn down the volume and give yourself the ability to think clearly and move as slowly as you need to. Soon, instrument flying will get easier and your ability to manage the workload will dramatically increase!

Better yet, the Redbird can be used for up to 20 hours towards your IR!

Instrument: Currency, IPCs

1.5 hours and 6 approaches later… you’re current! This weekend you can get your 6HIT: In the preceding 6 months you must have 6 instrument approaches, holding procedures, intercepting & tracking courses. You can complete everything for your IPC in the simulator, except your circle to land approach.

You need your currency if you plan on flying IFR… or even if you don’t plan on it! Your currency may be vital to your safety, and it's important to be legal if unwanted visual conditions arise.

Proficiency is just as important as currency. Not only should you be legal, but you should also feel confident and comfortable if you decide to pick up an IFR clearance and/or shoot an approach into your destination airport. Pilots spending more time getting comfortable in the (simulated) soup could save lives - especially if you practice partial panel.

The use of the full motion Redbird flight simulator allows us to set specific weather conditions for the flight (set the ceiling right above your minimums) and utilize different approaches than just the ones locally available. Practice an approach at your destination airport before you actually fly!

If 6 months are up, you can do you 6 HITS in the Redbird Flight Simulator (the most affordable option) or go for a flight with a safety pilot under simulated conditions.

If 12 months have passed without your instrument currency, you will need an Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC) which can be conducted in the sim as well! Seems like a no-brainer!

Multi-engine: Training

Anywhere you go, mutli-engine plane rental can be quite the investment (and worth it obviously). Cut the cost by spending as much time in the simulator as possible!

You can start flying the Baron 58 in our fleet, but first why don’t you get exceptionally comfortable flying it in the simulator when stakes (and prices) are low?! Feel confident in your multi-engine checklists, flying, and emergency procedures and make your in-air flight training a piece of cake.

Call us at 850-778-FLY1 to book our Redbird Flight Simulator. With your airport badge, you can come and go as you please even after hours! This weekend, a few hours in the sim will make you a better pilot.

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Gabrial gabri
Gabrial gabri
6 days ago

Exploring the Redbird Flight Simulator brings exciting benefits. It offers a realistic flying experience without leaving the ground. Pilots can sharpen skills, practice emergency scenarios, and gain confidence in a safe spectrum billing support environment. The simulator's versatility caters to various aircraft and weather conditions, enhancing training effectiveness. With Redbird, aspiring aviators can soar to new heights and achieve their flying goals.


May 31

Drift Boss is an awesome drifting game! Smooth controls, beautiful graphics and addictive gameplay. I spent hours drifting and collecting cars.


Gabrial gabri
Gabrial gabri
May 28

The Redbird Flight Simulator offers realistic training, enhancing pilot skills without the risks of real flight. It's cost-effective and available in all weather conditions, making it perfect for consistent practice. Its advanced technology provides valuable real estate photo enhancement services experience, boosting confidence and proficiency. Ideal for both beginners and seasoned pilots, it's a versatile tool for improving overall aviation skills.

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