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Instrument Pilot...You Need These!

Whether you are a seasoned instrument pilot or working on earning your rating, you need these items! We created a master list for you so that you can be fully prepared.

You need this FlyBoys Reversible Kneeboard - Clipboard & Pen Holder because you need an easy-access notepad, pens, printed approach plates, and more. There is even a pocket for a charger cord and binder ring holes to add plates and checklists. Click here for more info.

For instrument training or maintaining your currency (6 instrument approaches, intercepting

and tracking navigational courses, and performing holding procedures within the preceding 6 months) you need Foggles.

These Aviation Flight Training Glasses - IFR Certified View Limiting Device for Pilot Training & Simulation of Instrument Meteorological Conditions - Frosted Adjustable Polycarbonate Frames are an absolute must for your flight bag. You'll use these for your 3 hours of simulated instrument conditions for private pilot training, endless approaches for your instrument training and maintaining your currency even in VFR conditions.

BOOKS! In choosing to pursue aviation, you've chosen to be a student for life. There is always new information to learn or refresh.

These books are absolutely critical to have a solid understanding of instrument flying.

  • National airspace system

  • The air traffic control system

  • Human factors

  • Aerodynamics,

  • Flight instruments,

  • Flight maneuvers for IFR operations

  • Navigation

  • Emergency operations,

  • Helicopter operations

The Instrument Procedures Handbook is a great refresher AND checkride prep resource.

"...This handbook details the required precision that is needed to stay within protected airspace and make a successful approach. Safety information for relevant subjects such as runway incursion, land hand hold short operations, controlled flight into terrain, and human factors issues are covered here..."

Remember to get your Oral Exam Guide - a cheat sheet to any question you might be asked with sited sources in the FAR AIM, ACs, or other FAA book.

This Professional Simulation Yoke and Throttle System is for the over-achiever. You know that the plane is not a very good classroom; learning and practicing on the ground is far more cost effective and productive than trying to aBsorb new information while actually flying. Before buying, make sure you have access to flight simulator software and a computer that is compatible.

This Logitech G PRO Flight Yoke System has 4.5 stars with over a thousand reviews. Not only is it a lot of fun to play challenges on Microsoft Flight Simulator, but you can actually practice instrument approaches from home.

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