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  • Rachel Miller

The Great Resignation: Career change to professional pilot

After the world was shut down due to the Covid-19 virus, businesses opted to send their employees ever growing workload home with them. “The Great Resignation,” describes the current trend of employees quitting their jobs.

Four million workers quit their jobs in just 1 month alone, according to the Labor Department. “A December 2020 study found that 76% of U.S. workers admit to feeling burnout, with 37% citing stress about Covid-19 as a direct contributor to their fatigue at work.” (Source)

Generation X and Y (born between 1965 and 1994) are unhappy with the challenges of working remotely, and workers are increasingly more likely to resign from their current positions. Translation: People don’t want to work! At least, not in the same way they’ve been working.

Burnt-out workers with more responsibilities and fatigue during these times simply do not want to return to the office and spend 1) money on gas, 2) time driving to and from work in traffic, and 3) time in a cold, uncomfortable office when they can perform the same tasks from the comfort of their own home.

If you’re burnt-out in your job, feeling stagnant in your current position or you’ve just quit your job and become another statistic in the “Great Resignation” …

It’s time you start a NEW career that is

Constantly hiring! They need YOU!

All about adventure and getting outside your comfort zone


Likely to offer amazing bonuses/perks

Unlike any other career

So worth the investment

Now, within 2-3 months, you can become a private pilot and within 1 year of full-time training you can become a professional pilot!

Your office view will be blue skies and puffy clouds as you take on the empowering challenge of learning to fly: understanding the aircraft, interpreting instruments, and manipulating the controls.

When you become a professional pilot, you’ll feel the feelings of resiliency, accomplishment, and success. You’ll be able to fly to awesome cities, eventually worldwide if you so desire.

Not only would you have a well respected career, but you're all but guaranteed a return on investment if you become a career pilot.

Currently there is a pilot shortage, which means NOW is the perfect time to begin your aviation career. Sure, you could go back to college and choose another career, but no degree guarantees employment. Luckily for you, this pilot shortage seems to work in your favor.

You'll want to call us now if you're beginning to think that becoming a professional pilot is for you. 850-377-FLY1 or hit the button below.

There is no time like the present!

Click here to read about the investment to become a professional pilot!

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