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Is it worth it to become a private pilot?

You already know the answer: YES. Earning your private pilot license opens a world of new possibilities! If you’re looking for thrill and adventure, or a weekend hobby and stress reliever: the choice is yours and its right at your fingertips. Keep reading for a closer look into why it's worth it for you to become a private pilot.

Fly to your favorite destinations on your own schedule!

Instead of driving for hours or booking a flight months in advance for an exciting trip, just hop in your Cessna172 (or greater horsepower plane for a speedier trip!) and enjoy your weekend beachside, lakeside, or whatever side you wish. Visit your kids at college, take your partner to the mountain cabin, or fly to the FL Keys during lobster season.


It's no secret that your friends, family and coworkers’ ears will perk up when you mention that you have the knowledge, skills, and experience to pilot an aircraft! The dedication and hard work that it takes to become a pilot proves your work ethic, intelligence, and skills. Plus, your PPL can be the first step to an incredible career.

Fly for business (or pleasure!)

Fly to client meetings and networking events, close deals and create partnerships without hours of driving. Need to drive to Orlando for a work convention to create new partnerships and attend seminars? Don't drive or book an expensive airline flight at an inconvenient time and location; Just fly! Leave at a convenient time, put your skills to good use, fuel up at the FBO, and take the courtesy car to your desired location.

Take the very first step in a potential career in aviation!

lying a plane is an incredibly unique experience, one that’s filled with moments of relaxation, challenges and Your private pilot's license is your ticket to fly in beautiful, clear skies at your leisure. To eventually work and earn money as a (unrestricted commercial) pilot, you'll need at least your private pilot license and two other licenses (IR rating and commercial license), so this is a great first step in the right direction! After earning your commercial license, you can fly passengers or cargo for hire in low IFR weather at any time.

Take your resumé to the next level!

Just like a college degree, your license proves your ability for long term commitment and dedication. Your pilot license is a testimony to weeks or months of hard work, lessons/training, at-home studying, and solo flights. It demonstrates that you are willing to put time, money, energy, and passion into experiences that are important to you, and that you are not a quitter. With this on your resumé, you have one leg up over the competition.

Make the world a better place!

With your PPL, you can volunteer at many different organizations across the United States and more. As states on Angel Flight West's homepage, they are "a nonprofit, volunteer-driven organization that arranges free, non-emergency air travel for children and adults with serious medical conditions and other compelling needs." Pilots N Paws is another great organization in which you can fly and/or foster animals to save them from inhospitable environments to a loving home. There are many different organizations for a variety of causes in need of pilots, and you can volunteer to make the world a better place.

Join the community

With your private pilot's license, you are immediately a part of a larger whole. Instantly connect with people all over the world with at least one thing in common: a love for aviation. Join the conversation in Facebook groups and plan to attend year fly-ins. Camp under your wing after spending the day networking with other pilots and enjoying the festivities. You can land at any airport and immediately connect with a potential friend with similar interests like flying!

Explore new places!

A flight from one end of the United States to the other is often called the "Ultimate Cross Country." Grab an adventure-loving friend or fellow lifelong student of aviation and embark upon a cross country flight over countless cities and different terrain. Put your pilot license to practical use and learn real-world application of the knowledge and skills you've learned.

Get started by booking a discovery flight to see if flying is for you!

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